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5 Benefits of Having a Mobile Health Clinic

5 Benefits of Having a Mobile Health Clinic

Time is changing the way healthcare services work. It used to be a patient would schedule an appointment with their doctor to receive a checkup. However, not everyone has a doctor. Not everyone has a doctor near them to go to! That’s how mobile health clinics are making a difference.

In rural and underserved communities, mobile health clinics are giving health specialists the ability to be there for those who need health services when they need it, with little downtime. Doctors, dentists and other practitioners are all greatly benefiting from the use of a mobile health clinic. With that said, here are 4 benefits of having a mobile medical clinic that you may find applauding.

Making an Impact in People’s Lives with Our Mobile Clinics and Specialty Vehicles Since 2001

Aleph Group Inc. - Making an Impact in People's Lives since 2001

In 2001, Aleph Group Inc. opened its doors with one goal in mind – to make a positive impact on people’s lives. Seventeen years later that goal has still not changed. We’re making a difference around the world, by supplying thousands of different services with specialty vehicles and mobile units who are then able to extend their helping hand past the walls of a fixed facility. When the times come where you need a mobile clinic for your special service, let Aleph Group Inc. be the one you make the call to. Just look at what we have to offer.

Top 5 Tips for Running a Mobile Health Clinic

Top 5 Tips for Running a Mobile Health Clinic

Being a health professional is tough work. As if the journey to becoming one isn’t hard enough, you must also establish a practice and find ways to build a recurring patient list. Let’s not forget the amount of competition that stacks against you and continues to surmount every year! To make yourself known in today’s market, you’ve got to look at your options.

The most unique approach to the situation would be a mobile health clinic. See, a mobile clinic mirrors everything you’d find in a traditional brick and mortar practicing – patient/testing rooms, reception area, restrooms and more. Interested? Here’s 5 things you need to consider when adding a mobile medical clinic to your practice.

3 Simple Tips for a Successful Mobile Dental Clinic

3 Simple Tips for a Successful Mobile Dental Clinic

As a dentist, making sure your patients come to their appointment is crucial. A missed appointment is everything; that’s downtime between patients you can’t afford. If your patients aren’t making it to their appointments on time, consider getting a mobile dental clinic.

What is a mobile dental clinic? True to its name, a mobile dental clinic is the simplest solution to ensuring your patients make it to their appointments. Not only is one convenient for you, it also gives your patients the option to never leave the comfort of their home to go to a dentist again! As a mobile dentist, you’ll be able to connect with new patients who normally don’t have access to traditional dental care.

Interested? Check out these 3 simple tips for a successful mobile dental clinic!

Give the Gift of Care this Holiday Season

The holiday season is the most magical time of year. It’s one of only a few times we can see friends of old and entire families get together, even if for a day, too celebrate the end of another wonderful year. Oftentimes, people find themselves having to plan for the holidays, exhausting lots of time and energy to do so! This can be a big problem for medical specialists, as they’re left wondering how many patients will be making it to their appointment.

We understand how the holiday season can absorb some people, which is why it’s important to bring the doctor’s office to them. For our medical personnel, from dentists to primary care specialists, make this holiday season the start of a new tradition. Bring the gift of healthcare directly to your patients with the help of a mobile medical van!