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Dentists, Take a Look at Mobile Dental Clinics

Grow your Dental Practice with a Mobile Dental Clinic

Right outside your dentistry, people are constantly battling dental pains. Many aren’t able to get to a dentist in a timely fashion, making it harder and harder for them to take care of their dental health. You’re number one goal as a dentist is to bring dental care to those who need it, and fortunately everyone needs dental care. Let’s take a look at why a mobile dental clinic is perfect to add to your practice.

Bring Your Dental Office to the Patient

Traditionally, a patient sets up their appointment online or by phone call, and waits until their appointment date to walk in, get their treatment done and get sent home. The problem with this sequence is time allowance and transportation. For a lot of people these can cause schedule mishaps and appointment pushbacks.

This is why mobile dental clinics are such a huge hit. As a dentist, you and your team can easily hit the road and deliver mobile dentistry anywhere, from hospice communities to facilities, even in front of a patient’s house. Mobile dental clinics eliminate any need for transportation, and makes it easier for patients to get treatment without any downtime. This outreach by you will help patients receive dental care they may otherwise never have gotten.

Patients especially benefit from putting your dental office on wheels. They get to continue working through their everyday lives so there is no downtime for either you or them if there’s any delays. No longer do you have to worry about patients missing or breaking appointments. Mobile dental clinics are your door to broadening your range of service and bringing dental care to paying patients.

Customize it and Make it Your Own

As like any vehicle, mobile dental clinics come in all shapes and sizes. When you’re looking at one, keep in mind you can change out the features inside out. For maximum efficiency, include in your floorplan two treatment rooms equipped with intraoral X-Rays in each, a sterilization area, and separate restrooms for staff and patients. Don’t forget a central air control system, water storage and appropriate lighting. Other items to add to your checklist includes handicap access, waiting areas, and closed internet access.

For further feature ideas, make sure to get in contact with the right team to go over your mobile dental clinic vision.

Comparing Mobile vs. Stationary Dental Practices

Mobile dental clinics certainly have many benefits that makes its investment worthwhile. It’s a win-win relationship for starters. Operating the mobile dental clinic on a need to need basis will keep running costs low while also generating income when patients come through. Fitting a mobile dental office is a fraction of the price it costs to equip an entire building. The IRS has good news as well! Enjoy a 5 year depreciation schedule for your mobile dental clinic in comparison to a 30 year plan for buildings, reducing the amount of taxes on your income. This, along with the IRS Section 179 deduction, and you’re looking at major tax benefits you could’ve only imagined!

Get Started with a Free Estimate

Mobile dental clinics are your way of keeping to a busy schedule while still making sure patients show up to their appointments in a timely manner. Are you ready to boost your dental implant practice with a mobile dental clinic? Let us help! Get a free estimate today with Aleph Group Inc. and we will discuss your options, your needs and how we can meet them. For more information, be sure to contact us online today or by phone at (951) 213-4815.