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Give the Gift of Care this Holiday Season

The holiday season is the most magical time of year. It’s one of only a few times we can see friends of old and entire families get together, even if for a day, too celebrate the end of another wonderful year. Oftentimes, people find themselves having to plan for the holidays, exhausting lots of time and energy to do so! This can be a big problem for medical specialists, as they’re left wondering how many patients will be making it to their appointment.

We understand how the holiday season can absorb some people, which is why it’s important to bring the doctor’s office to them. For our medical personnel, from dentists to primary care specialists, make this holiday season the start of a new tradition. Bring the gift of healthcare directly to your patients with the help of a mobile medical van!

The Benefits of a Mobile Medical Van

Mobile medical vans provide an alternative for doctors and dentists to reach their patients. For one, it’s very efficient. With holiday activities keeping your patients away from your office, it’s easiest to have them call you out to their house when they’re finally ready, saving you downtime on missed appointments. Mobile medical vans are specially outfitted so that you have everything you need right inside, all while having space to move around and do your job in comfort.

Each patient will get their treatment done right inside the mobile medical van, and can get right back into the holiday spirit moments afterwards. Rinse and repeat with all your patients, they’ll appreciate the fact they don’t have to pause their holiday festivities as much to enjoy their healthcare benefits.

Mobile Medical Vans Work Well Year Round

Running a mobile medical van doesn’t have to stop when the holiday season ends. Once it’s the new year, it’s the right time to start travelling around the community, meet fresh faces and find potential recurring patients.

The best way to gain exposure as a practice is to work with community centers, disaster relief shelters and health drive organizers. By meeting new people away from your office, there’s a greater chance they’ll be interested in your medical services in the future and call to schedule an appointment at a later date!

What’s more, a mobile medical van may eliminate the need to have a brick and mortar practice! Not only does that save you money on an office lease and utilities, it also means you’ll have no downtime waiting for a patient to show at their appointment.

Get Yours Today!

We work hard at Aleph Group Inc. so that you may have one of the best mobile health clinics on the block. Our mobile medical vans don’t go unnoticed. Every holiday season, you can spot our custom-fit vans roaming through neighborhoods, at community centers and health drives, providing healthcare services to those who don’t have the time to make it into the office. Start preparing for next year’s holiday season by choosing a mobile medical van! Have questions or want more information? Contact us online, or give us a call at (951) 213-4815.