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Looking to Start a Mobile Medical Clinic? Here’s What You Need to Know

Mobile Medical Clinic Tips and Tricks

It’s a wonderful feeling to have your own practice after years of education, residency and perseverance. What’s even better is putting your practice on wheels and taking it wherever you want. That’s where a mobile health clinic comes in. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

Mobile Health Clinic Tips for Beginners

Nowadays, it pays off to extend your business past the brick and mortar of a building. A mobile medical clinic opens a brand-new avenue as to who and where you can take your prowess and help those in need.

Map Out Who You’re Going to Help

Start by getting to know the demographics in your community and beyond. Identify low-income and medically underserved populations. Oftentimes, these areas do not have sufficient health services to go around. Poor urban scenes and outlying rural towns are your best bets to make an understated impact in the community.

Don’t overlook your competition! One of the worst realities is setting up your mobile health clinic in a town, only to find your competition already is taking care of all the locals. If you believe your competition will be tight, it’s best to look at different areas that’d appreciate a visit from a mobile health clinic.

Once you recognize where it’s best to help, make sure you’re ready. Design your mobile health clinic specifically for what you specialize in (primary care, dental health, screening/prevention, etc.) and bring it to the people!

Get Your Name Out on the Road

When your mobile medical clinic first hits the pavement, you start off with zero visibility and no customers. You certainly will not get advice from other mobile healthcare clinics; they’re trying their hardest to keep their own customers coming back. So, let us give you some advice.

Make yourself visible with advertising. How you wrap your vehicle is important for visible appeal. While help is help, people would rather go to a mobile health clinic that looks friendly on the outside, compared to one with just a logo and a phone number underneath. It’s important because no matter where you go, you want people to point your mobile health clinic out in a crowd. A high-quality vehicle wrap costs as much as a 30 second radio advertisement, but a vehicle wrap will get you noticed wherever you go.

Establish your brand. The best way is to build up the relationships you have with your customers. They will recommend their friends and family to you, and soon your day will be full of appointments around the community. So long as you do your part looking after your patients with utmost care, they’ll do their and spread your name around. You’ll become the mobile health clinic everyone is referring to.

You Aren’t the Only One on Your Team

You aren’t working alone on this one. When you set out in your mobile health clinic, you want back up from a team of culturally competent staff. Build a team that encompasses diverse backgrounds, social opinions and cultural beliefs. As “knowledgeable neighbors”, they’ll create a friendly and nonjudgmental environment for everyone that walks into your mobile health clinic.

The community is also on your side. They need your mobile health clinic as much as you need them. Partner with community organizations such as local health clinics, community centers, food pantries and rehab centers to maximize your exposure throughout the community and extend your services to all who need them.  

Lastly, we are on your side. At Aleph Group Inc. we put our minds together to help design and develop the best mobile health clinics around. If you haven’t gotten your hands on a mobile health clinic yet, let us build one out for you. We’ve seen the full spectrum of medical clinics, from dental to bloodmobiles, emergency response to primary care. For more information, start by calling us at (951) 21-4815 or by contacting us online.