Mobile Medical Clinic

Mobile Clinic Our mobile clinics are designed and fabricated from “the ground-up”, to provide maximum performance and durability. Each mobile medical clinic is customized so you can operate at maximum comfort and efficiency. All units are all-aluminum construction (wood-free) for lighter weight, greater performance, and longevity.

AGI mobile health clinics are available in Cab & Chassis, Trailers, and container designs, ranging from 28 ft. up to 45 ft. in length.

If you have a brick and mortar medical office and are looking to expand your practice or reach patients that don’t have the ability to make it to you, our Mobile Medical Clinics will be a perfect asset to your business or organization.

Mobile Medical Clinic

By reaching out to your patients in the comfort of their own neighborhood you are able to increase your ability to not only help them but improve the show rates of potential clients to their appointments.

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