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Modular Hospitals

Aleph Group Inc.’s medical containers providea wide range of design options, ranging from small basic medical care to emergency operations. Our container hospitals are ISO certified, and fabricated only with high-quality components. Portable medical containers are a turn-key operation, equipped with renewable energy power plant, solar system, water filtration, satellite communication systems, telemedicine capabilities, wheelchairaccess, and much more. If you’d like to learn more about Container Hospitals you can read more about it here: Container Hospitals and Mobile Health Clinics are the Future of Medicine


Our portable medical containers are fully enclosed weather resistant and tested /certified ISO - 1C / ISO-1AA/ ISO-1AAA. With sizes ranging from 20ft. and 40ft. AGI provides an array of custom layouts of fully equipped medical centers.Modular Hospitals can be self-contained with on-site energy and medical gas production, water purification system, and integrated waste management. Modules are constructed with the finest hospital-grade wood-free flooring and surfaces for ease of maintenance and decontamination requirements.


AGI's 20' and 40' expandable containers ISO Certified, are designed to meet the most challenging application. Our rugged expansion system provides reliability with fast deployment.


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