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Should Your Practice Add a Mobile Unit?

Many medical organizations have pondered the same questions for decades.  It’s either, “how do we get more patients” or “how do we serve more people who need us?” Traditionally, medical and dental offices are set up in brick and mortar locals. Many people are intimidated to go to these places because of stigmas in their own minds and there are a lot of costs to operate in these locations. In many parts of the country, undocumented residents that need healthcare are afraid to go for fear of deportation. So, how do practices get around these obstacles? One solution may be a mobile medical unit!

Mobile medical units allow practices to go to the clients or patients. You can set up in areas that patients are already going such as the parking lot of a Wal-Mart. Some other advantages of having a mobile medical unit are…

  • Start-up and ongoing operating costs are highly efficient when compared to fixed dental or medical clinics..
  • Mobile units can also be billboards on wheels. Giving your practice or organization exposure as you travel. .
  • Technologically advanced equipment that can provide most of the same services as brick and mortar clinics.
  • Mobile clinics can be equipped with wheelchair lifts and ramps, panoramic radiography and other imaging equipment.
  • Mobile clinics mediate financial barriers, accessibility and psychological obstructions to the populations they serve.

As medical technology advances and as our population continues to increase, the practicality and necessity for mobile units will only continue to increase as well. Many people throughout the world have a difficult time getting to places that they can receive treatment. Even here in America, there are many rural areas that don’t have many medical services. Some Americans do not live too far away, but do not have the means of transportation to get them to and from their appointments. Many people, especially the elderly, simply can’t make it to a fixed clinic or hospital. Being an organization that has the ability to go to these people and deliver services to them is huge!

Another benefit of a mobile clinic is a relatively low start up cost when compared to a fixed location. A mobile clinic doesn’t require as many employees, equipment or space. You don’t pay a rent or land tax and construction to build a mobile unit is much cheaper than building a fixed clinic. The associated costs, such as government registration, gas and maintenance are much less costly than just the utilities of a fixed building alone.

To truly get a better understanding of how a mobile clinic can help your organization, it’s best to speak with a mobile clinic expert. Together, they can help you visualize what your company can achieve with a mobile unit and tailor fit what type of unit would be best for you. To speak with one of our mobile clinic professionals at Aleph Group Inc. Give us a call at 951-213-4815