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Specialty Vehicles

AGI can design custom solutions to serve a variety of purposes. We are specialized in manufacturing specialty vehicles for communication, education, and other special purposes. Our designs range from self propelled to semi-stationary trailers.

Mobile Classes, Mobile Labs, Mobile Conference Trailers, Mobile Kitchens, Communications Vehicles, Mobile Fire Training and Support, Mobile Offices

Mobile Laboratories

Mobile healthcare is a proven cost-effective and efficient way to deliver medical attention to remote areas, during emergency situations. Aleph Group Inc. semi-permanent line of medical containers and self-propelled laboratories offers increased flexibility for short and long term projects. Upon a project completion, the medical unit can be stored or relocated to the next project site with ease. Our portable clinics and hospitals can be uses as a single unit for faster deployment and or adjoined to others for a larger complex.
  • Turnkey - We handle your mobile laboratory project from design, engineering, and installation. Units are ready for use after deployment.
  • Speed - Our mobile units are usually completed in half the time of conventional construction.
  • Custom Designed - All units are built from the ground up to your exact specifications.
  • Instrument/Equipment Evaluation Reports - Ensures each instrument/equipment has ample space and proper utilities for operation.
  • Flexibility - Designed to easily handle future expansions and or equipment replacement.
  • Transportable - Move locations as needed.
  • Multi-complex Units - Several units can be combined to meet specific needs

Emergency Response Units

AGI designs a variety of custom solutions that are ready to deploy at short notice. Our solutions are designed to provide immediate support or services.
Exterior View of Emergency Response Unit
Rear view of Emergency Response Unit.
Interior of Emergency Response Unit.

DUI Trailers

Check Point Specialty Vehicles are generally built on trailer platforms providing greater flexibility of design, space and accessibility. Our DUI Trailers offer unique features such as custom stainless steel laboratories, rear access walk platform, exterior compartments, emergency lighting and backup power system.

Specialty trailers range in size from 15 ft up to 40 ft in length, built with steel tubing framing and vacuum bonded exterior walls and a 2" insulation package with custom interior walls.

Exterior View of a DUI Trailer
We offer a variety of features.
AGI provides durable solutions.

Mobile Command Centers

Our mobile command centers are fabricated on heavy duty commercial chassis or custom trailer platforms. Whether it's a trailer or self motorized, our mobile command centers comply with Local and Federal regulations.
Outside View of a Mobile Command Center
Inside View of a Mobile Command Center
Surveillance System in a Mobile Command Center


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